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Our products contain only proprietary shelf-stable organic, non-GMO Probiotics (StaBiotics™), which eliminates the source of odors on the microscopic level for up to 3 days, so your pets can be healthy and odor-free!

About Our Products

Biotica Science has created a revolutionary line of Probiotic products that eliminate the source of odors on the microscopic level.   Completely safe, organic and non-toxic for family, pets, and the environment, both LitterFresh™ and Fresh Doggy™ are the ultimately odor eliminators!  Works for up to 72 hours.

The smell is gone!   Amazing.  It is absolutely amazing!

Pearl Halikman
Orlando, Florida

Love, love,love this product! I bought one can to try, but I'm reordering. I have a very smelly cat and our litter box is in the living room. We used to smell it all the time, but now we don't!! Highly recommended this!

Kathy Craycraft Ellis
Bruceton, Tennessee

I just want to say how much as a cattery that we APPRECIATE your product!! I have asthma, so perfume and many chemicals are dangerous for both me and cats.  With 5-6 adult cats and sometimes up to 20 additional kittens at a time, LitterFresh is a lifesaver! I couldn't live without it!

Cherie Butler Rogers
Silver Spring, Maryland

I've been using for 3 months and have 5 litter boxes and several kitties.  It really seems to help and one can lasts a long time. Best thing I've found!

Debbie Oldham
Sanford, North Carolina

About Us

Ed Leibowitz


Biotica Science started because we love animals and we love finding homes for abandoned pets, but many facilities are at risk of closure due to uncontrollable pet odors, especially kitty litter.  Nothing seems to work, until now!   LitterFresh™ is a probiotic, environmentally-safe solution to the problem of stinky litter!   And our new Fresh Doggy™ is the ultimate probiotic dog and pet deodorant.

Our proprietary StaBiotic™ formula is completely biodegradable and harmless to pets, people and the environment.   Instead of masking the smell, you can now completely eliminate the source of odor at the microscopic level, keeping everything odor free for up to 72 hours.

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